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3 To Dos If Your Kidmin Environments Weren’t Digitally Ready For COVID-19

By Peter McGowan

If you haven’t noticed by now, COVID-19 threw all churches into the digital age whether they were ready or not. Many churches are having success in continuing to serve their families while also creating sharable online experiences. Guests that have never even entered their physical doors before are checking out their Sunday services and seeing how helpful the church’s role can be in raising their kids.

That is a big deal. It’s also a huge opportunity to grow the kingdom in ways it has never potentially grown in your area before. If you are feeling the weight of needing to elevate your digital environments to serve your guests as soon as possible, we want to help. Here’s why…

Your church and the global Church don’t just need a digital presence for when families are under Stay at Home orders. Habits are being established during these days that won’t be easily left behind. Your church may have a fantastic physical Kidmin space, but now more than ever it should compliment your church’s digital Kidmin environment. Don’t be left behind. Here are three things to do if your Kidmin environments weren’t digitally ready for COVID-19:

1. Build Digital Environments (for kids specifically)

Most churches are currently offering online content for adults. That was a natural pivot. If your church currently isn’t providing digital environments for kids, another church is and families are paying attention. That isn’t said to intimidate you. It’s just a fact. Now is the time to show parents you are a credible source. They need help now more than ever and you have the chance to genuinely prove that you care about their family.

Your expression must fit your church. Our team is filled with digital environment experts and can help you build anything from a fantastic website, podcast, Apple TV channel, YouTube channel, social media presence, etc. for your church’s digital kid’s environment. It may seem overwhelming at first, but you can start small and build slowly. We’ll help!

2. Build Digital Community

The local church thrives on community. This will look the most different during the COVID-19 era because of the prohibition of gathering physically. However, people and kids still need to be connected. Your church can be the guide in this arena or it can be left out of the conversation to let people find community elsewhere.

Tangible ways to create community now might include creating digital small groups for kids connected by Zoom, simple platforms where small group leaders can safely send videos to the parents of the kids in their group or even a parent facing social media account. To see the benefits of this, follow Gwinnett Church on Instagram and see how they leverage it to not only connect with families, but to connect families. I particularly enjoyed their Instagram Live DJ in PJ’s Dance Party!

3. Build Digital Sharability

Facebook is acting as the Netflix of church services right now as person after person is sharing their church’s content. If you have great online content for kids, then this is a no brainer next step, but a crucial one. Making your digital kids content easily sharable will allow families that have never even heard of your church before to engage with you. Provide digital versions of your kid’s Bible Storytellers. Share access to downloadable resources or curriculum that families can do on their own while at home.

As parents are running out of safe, quality content for their kids – they are more than willing to try something new. This is your opportunity. If you leverage it in the right way, it could easily allow you to serve more kids and families than you could even fit in your physical Kidmin environment.

Don’t just focus on building a great digital kids’ environment for now. Invest in building a great one that will continue to serve you in the future. This is an opportunity for God’s kingdom to grow. As always, our team is here to help with your digital or physical kids’ environment needs.