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3 Ways ‘blade Runner’ Predicted The Future Of Church And Why We Should Pay Attention

A highlight for me during 2017 was the opportunity to revisit the world of my favorite movie of all time—Blade Runner—with the release of an updated installment called Blade Runner 2049.

More people likely would have seen the original Blade Runner in 1982 but for its misfortune of coming out the same summer as E.T. But for me, the original was life-changing. It is the movie God used to drive me to study film and architecture and, ultimately, to instill in me a lifelong passion for creating the future.

Sci-fi author William Gibson said, “Blade Runner changed the way we look at the world and the way the world looks.” I couldn’t agree more. Here are three things I learned from an obscure 1980s cult classic that I believe are relevant to church and culture today.

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Written by Mel McGowan

Mel McGowan

Mel combined his background in film and design during a decade long stint at the Walt Disney Company. Post-Disney, he has led teams which have won multiple Solomon Awards for “Best Church Architect,” and “Best Builder” and is the author of Design Intervention.