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Unless you dream, you're not going to achieve anything.

Richard Branson
In the end, the only thing you really own is your story.

Australia (2008)
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7 Steps to Successfully Launch a Church Rebrand

A church rebrand is something most pastors will only do 1 or 2 times in the course of their ministry. It can be a challenging, emotional, and even expensive thing to do. It can also be rewarding, energizing and even […]

Following The Presence Of God: The Father’s House In California

Tiny houses became a huge trend in 2015. Dozens of small house “microcommunities” sprang up across 17 states, and Google searches on the topic tripled. The combination of lingering financial ramifications from the Great Recession combined with an instinctive movement […]

Gathered And Scattered: Crosswinds Church In California

CrossWinds Church describes itself as the church gathered and scattered. They gather together in many different formats and places for spiritual formation and then scatter to reflect Jesus beyond the walls of the church, wherever God leads in the world. One […]