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Assemblies of God

In anticipation of their 100 year anniversary, the Assemblies of God was gearing up to celebrate the ministry and outreach of more than 360,000 churches globally. To help communicate the impact of their history and continuing story, they partnered with Plain Joe Studios for a complete brand refresh and multifaceted environmental update within their National Headquarters. During it’s centennial celebration, there were over 8,000 visitors.

Brand Development / Brand Architecture / Logo Development / Environmental Design / Wayfinding / Lifestyle Graphics

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Renewing the old


We updated a 50 year old icon and created a new logo to mark their centennial celebration. Maintaining core elements crucial to AG identity, we took the multiple brands of Assemblies of God and created a brand architecture clarifying how each ministry differs from another and is best utilized by constituents. The resulting brand is more portable for the digital age and representative of who they are and where they are going.

A one hundred year journey, one timeless story


We created a large, changeable graphic system to integrate with the aesthetic of the refreshed AG headquarters as the main story-telling element. Environmental projection mapping added an engaging graphical layer. The technology allowed them bring static information and maps to life with different statistics on church growth through the last century and live updates about how the church has spread through the US.

Design Intervention

In Exodus, God gave his people complete instructions for designing and building a tabernacle. From specifying the colors of linen to the dimensions of each alter, God cared about the details of that environment and His connection to the people inside, God still seeks relationship with his creation, and our gathering places can still reflect it- if we'll consider a Design Intervention. From the Old Testament temple to today's most innovative building, churches create effective environments by using their unique story to share The Story. Design Intervention is a global journey through this revolution in sacred space.