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First Christian Church Huntington Beach

Children / Children’s ministry / Theme / Theming

For this multi-phase campus redesign,  PlainJoe created a design strategy which incorporated new design elements over time as buildings were completed, while seamlessly maintaining the continuity of experience with existing themes and structures.

Enhancing Environments and Pointing The Way


When the iconic Huntington Beach Church was expanding, they started by partnering with Visioneering Studios for a complete campus renewal and master plan. When it was time to bring the project ethos to life throughout the expansion, they called PlainJoe Studios. For this multi-phase campus redesign, we created a design strategy to incorporate new elements over time as buildings were completed. Each step of the way, the strategy allowed FCCHB to seamlessly maintain the continuity of experience without a break in flow or budget. Our design teams created additional themes, way finding systems and environment enhancements for FCCHBs multipurpose building, café, administration building, children’s ministry building and bookstore.

Creating Connection Online

Web Development

PlainJoe Studios developed a website for First Christian Church Huntington Beach to bridge the gap between their offline and online environments. We carried their identity through the web site not only with look and feel, but also with function and flow by integrating their church database with key ministry functions like small groups and events. We also helped their team work smarter by connecting all of their social media accounts into a live feed on the web site.

Photos Of The Treehouse Room