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SUMMIT CHURCH, Sparks Nevada

A church with a space problem rethinks and redesigns to bring the outdoors in.

The Great Outdoors

Summit Christian in Sparks, Nevada, adjacent to the majestic Sierras, serves a community used to incredible opportunities for outdoor recreation. PlainJoe provided a design theme that reflects a rugged, trailhead aesthetic. With colors, materials, and textures like those you might find in an REI store, the environment is sure to spark a sense of fun and adventure for kids and adults alike.


Rather than confining people to hallways, which often prevents them from stopping to build relationship, plans call for covered walkways facing into a dramatic center courtyard. By blurring the line between indoors and outdoors, the design facilitates movement while allowing for spontaneous and meaningful interaction.


“The number one need we’re seeking to fulfill is seats [so we can] tell people about Jesus, because people are pouring in.” – Summit Pastor Steve Bond

Room to Grow

Summit desires most to create opportunities for welcoming their community’s growing population. The new design includes a 1,000-seat auditorium (and plenty of restrooms) to accommodate the expected newcomers. The auditorium is designed to expand to 1,500 seats when they reach capacity again.


Read more in Mel McGowan’s July 2018 article for Christian Standard Magazine HERE.

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