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Culture Commons
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Culture Commons
Get new insights for your toughest problems.
Align your teams to what matters most.
Activate everyone at every level.
Embody the culture you want to perpetuate.
Overcome conflict and confusion.
Love what you do and who you do it with (again).
Get everyone moving in the right direction.
Experience organizational health with a winning team.
Remove barriers in the way of health and growth.

If you’re exhausted, over-extended, or lacking the vision to go forward, Culture Commons can help re-focus you and your people on what matters most. We’ll work with you and your team over 9 months—onsite and remotely—to establish healthy habits and behaviors for consistent growth.

The 90-Day Culture Commons experience includes:
  • Perceptions intelligence from staff and leadership team
  • Onsite Personality workshop (or refresh) with core team
  • Values and Behaviors: Articulation, agreement, and assessment
  • Actions diagnostic from staff and leadership team
  • Analysis Gaps: Who we say we are vs. What we actually do
  • One-day team alignment experience for leadership or full team
  • Onsite presentation of Insights and Priorities
  • Ongoing coaching and consulting for six months (in addition to first 90 days)

For nearly 20 years, PlainJoe has been working with organizational leaders to help articulate and communicate their unique story. Through branding and identity, interactive media, and designed environments, we’ve had a front-row seat to the ways businesses and nonprofits are activating staff and teams for the greater good. Culture Commons is a new service offering that builds on our years of design thinking expertise to help you with team coordination and habits, problem-solving insights, urgent change, and health priorities.

Available now for limited reservations.