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Storytelling is about two things; it's about character and plot.

George Lucas

We like to think about the setting too
Unless you dream, you're not going to achieve anything.

Richard Branson

Architecture BlueSky

Discovery Phase

Our multi-disciplinary team of financial, design and construction experts will work with you to craft a “strategic feasibility box” within which the project will live as it is developed. A framework budget and master schedule are developed to determine the appropriate levels of financial and time investment that should be allocated for initial phases of development.

The existing facilities are “audited” for gaps and opportunities in the areas of:

  • Guest Experience
  • Worship / Adult Capacity
  • Children / Youth Capacity
  • Parking / Site Capacity

The PlainJoe BlueSky Workshop

Whether we are master planning a 1,000 seat venue, a 10-minute attraction, or a 100-acre theme park, design starts with the PlainJoe BlueSky Workshop. This process begins with a collaborative work session involving our team and your key stakeholders.

In this interactive process, we will discover your unique story by articulating three elements:

  • Setting – Distilling the unique “sense of place” of your community, influences, inspirations and history.
  • Character – Defining your “tribal” identity as well as your community’s psychographics/demographics.
  • Plot – Outlining your story arc, mission, and purpose

Once the “Big Idea has been defined, we work with you and your team of core stakeholders to conceptualize, understand, and articulate the placemaking implications of your unique setting, characters, and place.

Based on Walt Disney’s “lost weekend” with Imagineering legend Herb Ryman, we develop the master plan, a three-dimensional perspective, the thematic storyboards, and signage and graphic concepts on site. The work of several months is compressed into several days spent at your current facility where we steep ourselves in your unique DNA and “land the plane” for the project.


Need help with your project? We can help.

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Who Is PlainJoe

We are a unique multi-discipline design studio with significant experience in crafting children's ministry spaces that kids enjoy and leaders love.

In every environment, physical and virtual, we shape stories that move people and bring brands to life.

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