Schematic Design


Throughout the Schematic Design process, we will continually refine the content by returning to the “Big Idea” which is the essence of what we are trying to deliver emotionally. As the story becomes distilled, the “edits” become obvious. Projects not based on a solid vision, or one that is not easily communicated up and down the line, can be picked apart as the inevitable budget cuts arise. Without knowing the center of what is absolutely essential (usually a single sentence or message), the idea then fragments and loses its creative value. Spatial scripts, capacity, flow diagrams, storyboards, and art created in the Discovery phase serve as the foundation for the Schematic Design phase as we develop floor and site plans, elevations, interior design, graphic typicals and theming layouts.


Our multi-disciplinary design process creates the foundation for a built environment that fully considers functional and experiential needs. Our ability to render and simulate reality with colored renderings, sketches, multi-media presentations and 3D modeling takes the guesswork out and shortens the distance in the design process. In addition, the products of this phase prove to be invaluable to the entitlement, “Vision- casting,” budgeting and funding phases of the project.


Design Development


The “Big Idea” continues to guide us as we refine and detail the design aspects of architecture, interior design, graphics and theming within the parameters of the project budget.


Construction Documentation


For the continuing architectural work, whether we create the Construction Documentation directly or partner with a local Architect of Record, PlainJoe remains in creative control to ensure continued alignment with the project’s “Big Idea” by working in partnership with multi-disciplinary consultants and contractors. Such partners may include:


  • Engineers (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) • Audio/Video/Lighting
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Fundraising


At the same time, final layout occurs for all graphics and theming to create a comprehensive “Sign Off Package.” This document allows you to see the entirety of the graphics and theming deliverables that our strategic partners will be fabricating and installing to enhance your facility; including design, sizes, content, placement, and materials.

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