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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin
You can create a business, choose a name, but unless people know about it you're not going to sell any products.

Richard Branson
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PlainJoe Co-Founder, Peter McGowan is speaking at the Inaugural Conference of The Academy of Church Leadership

PlainJoe Co-Founder, Peter McGowan is speaking at the Inaugural Conference of The Academy of Church Leadership. The conference, focusing on church communications, promises to help congregations realize their full potential with insights and skills in the areas of social media, community outreach, youth engagement, web design, and information technology.

Peter will discuss the power of storytelling to impact and transform communities, especially today in the digital world in which we live.

The one-day conference hopes to help congregations become more sophisticated in communicating the gospel message through social media and their internet presence. platforms.

Other speakers include author, Kem Meyer, IT strategist, Nick Nicholaou, and theologian, Donald Senior, who will provide the Keynote.

The conference takes place Friday, January 12th, 2018, at North Park University.

Learn more and register at:

Prior to co-founding PlainJoe in 2001, Peter had a background in information technology. He worked for IBM, Johnson & Johnson, ThinkWare, and PMGX-a technology firm he founded and still owns. His background includes a Business/Information Systems degree from Cal Poly and years of experience in Information Technology, design production, brand development, marketing and advertising.

Peter is also the co-founder of ethur and devotes much of his day-to-day time serving as the Creative Principal and Chief Evangelist of PlainJoe. Peter and his wife, Jennifer, have three children and serves in leadership and ministry roles at Crossroads Christian Church in Corona, California.