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Church of the City


Franklin, TN

“To create a clarified brand, including mission, vision, and values…”


To create a clarified brand, including mission, vision, and values–plus a revamped digital strategy that included a refreshed website–for Church of the City (COTC), a self-proclaimed anti-megachurch that found itself in a position of rapid growth and expansion.


When COTC initially approached PlainJoe, they wanted us to help them tell their story online and enhance their digital experience. They also needed help with identifying underlying organizational issues that had come as a result of rapid growth.  

As COTC had added new locations and expanded their staff, their clarity and distinctive voice had been gradually watered down or lost completely. They knew that they had a great visual brand, but at that moment, they weren’t living out their brand cohesively in their systems or through a digital strategy. 

Prior to 2020, COTC’s website had not been an intentional part of its overall strategy. But after COVID, all that changed. During our discovery process, as we gained clarity around their mission, we realized that they needed help with their overall brand profile, including mission, vision, and values. We took them through that journey, which culminated in the decision to relaunch their brand. 


Our team came alongside COTC’s leadership team for a mission, vision, and pursuits workshop. We worked hand-in-hand with their Creative and Communications executives to help synthesize the results of that workshop into a brand cue card so that they could begin synthesizing and aligning their communications. 

After that, the focus turned to crafting messaging that worked well with their revamped brand. Once we pinpointed the most pressing issues the COTC team was facing and crafted specialized solutions for solving them, we synthesized that information into a digital strategy to help COTC communicate its clarified brand to its members and audience. 


Our team worked with COTC to relaunch their mission, vision, and values through a new, streamlined website. Over time, they’re aiming to integrate the new website into a larger digital scope. 

Check out their website: Church of the City