Church of the City (COTC), a dynamic and expanding church community that prides itself on being an “anti-megachurch,” faced the challenge of rapid growth which led to a dilution of its brand identity. As COTC expanded with new locations and staff, the clarity and distinctiveness of their voice began to diminish. The leadership recognized the need to refine their brand, including mission, vision, and values, and to enhance their digital strategy to better reflect their evolving identity and reach.

Prior to 2020, COTC’s website had not been an intentional part of its overall strategy. But after COVID, all that changed. During our discovery process, as we gained clarity around their mission, we realized that they needed help with their overall brand profile, including mission, vision, and values. We took them through that journey, which culminated in the decision to relaunch their brand.


In response to these challenges, COTC partnered with PlainJoe to undergo a comprehensive reevaluation of their brand and digital presence. The collaboration began with a mission, vision, and pursuits workshop, aimed at rediscovering and refining the core elements that defined COTC. This process involved close cooperation with COTC’s Creative and Communications executives, leading to the development of a brand cue card that served as a foundation for all future communications.

The insights gained from the workshop guided the team in crafting messaging that resonated with the revamped brand, addressing organizational challenges that had surfaced due to rapid expansion. This strategic effort culminated in a holistic digital strategy designed to clearly communicate COTC’s refined brand identity to its members and broader audience.


The culmination of these efforts was the launch of a new, streamlined website that effectively communicated COTC’s refreshed mission, vision, and values. This digital platform was not just a redesign but a strategic tool integrated into a larger digital strategy aimed at enhancing engagement with both current members and potential visitors.

The new website serves as the digital front door for COTC, reflecting their unique identity and facilitating better interaction with the community. The clarified brand and cohesive digital strategy have empowered COTC to maintain its distinctive voice and mission-focused approach despite its growth, ensuring that the church continues to thrive without losing its foundational ethos.

Since the launch of the new website and the implementation of the digital strategy, COTC has seen positive feedback from its community, with increased engagement and stronger alignment of their communications across all platforms. This transformation has not only revitalized their brand but also reinforced their position as a church that is different by design, focused on genuine community engagement rather than mere expansion.

Visit Church of the City to see the impact of their brand and digital revitalization.