In 2013, Granger Community Church recognized the need for a comprehensive overhaul of their campus, communications, and online presence to better reflect their core values of fun, community, hospitality, and art. The church aimed to transform their environment into something unconventional and culturally relevant, embodying an atmosphere that felt less like a traditional church and more like a spiritually empowering community hub.


Granger Community Church collaborated with PlainJoe to realign their brand, spatial environment, and web presence with their commitment to creativity, encouragement, unpredictability, relatability, and empowerment. This partnership focused on planning architectural changes, environmental design, and directional signage that echoed the church’s identity and core values. Key components of the redesign included creating comfortable lounge areas, a bookshop, and a café to foster a welcoming communal space. Additionally, a new custom, responsive, search-based website was developed, utilizing the latest technology to make church information easily accessible, actionable, and shareable, allowing users to tailor content to their personal spiritual journey.


The transformation of Granger Community Church resulted in an open and ambient environment that truly reflected the church’s revamped brand. The new physical spaces invited congregants and visitors to engage in a setting that promoted community interaction and personal reflection, turning the church into a destination for both spiritual and social activities. The redesigned website complemented these changes by enhancing digital engagement, providing a user-friendly platform that reflected the church’s identity and made it easier for community members to connect and participate in church activities. This holistic approach to redesign not only met the initial goals but also set a new standard for how the church interacts with its community, fostering an inclusive and empowering atmosphere.