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I had always felt life first as a story... if there is a story, there is a story teller.

GK Chesterton
In the end, the only thing you really own is your story.

Australia (2008)

Granger Community Church


Granger, Indiana

“Fully embodying the idea of being unexpected…”


In 2013, Granger Community Church had a heart for making meaningful connections in their community. However, their campus, communications, and online presence were in need of an all-encompassing revamp. Their creative team wanted to build an environment that communicated Granger’s values, particularly their emphasis on fun, community, hospitality, and art. They wanted to fully embody the idea of being “unexpected.”


The PlainJoe and Granger teams came together to align the church’s brand, spatial (physical) and web presence with its true heartbeat: creativity, encouragement, unpredictability, relatability, and empowerment. It was important to the church’s team to create a culturally relevant and unconventional environment that felt less like “church” than a spiritually-empowering hangout, both online and off. We set to work planning architectural changes, environmental design, and directional signage that aligned with the church’s core identity and brand values. In addition, we worked to design an online presence for the church that better reflected their identity and values. 


We transformed Granger’s facility into an open and ambient environment that reflected the church’s revamped brand. Comfortable lounge areas, a bookshop and café were all included to foster a welcoming communal space. Additionally, we designed and built a custom, responsive, search-based website that utilized the latest technology to make information easily accessible, actionable, and shareable. Users could tailor their own content for their next steps in their relationship with the church. 


Granger Church received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community following its brand, spatial, and digital revamps. Website traffic more than quadrupled with the 2013 site build. PlainJoe continues to enjoy a solid relationship with the Granger team, and we have since partnered with the church to update the custom website framework we designed in accordance with industry standards and technological advancements.

Check out their website: Granger Community Church

“PlainJoe challenged our thinking. They brought the best professional practices of the best storytellers in entertainment, amusement, tactile, and video, and they contextualized it for our individual ministry.” – Kem Meyer, Communications Director, Granger Community Church (2002-2014)