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Central Christian Church

Las Vegas, Nevada



To relentlessly share “uncensored grace” with Sin City as a church planted in the heart of Las Vegas.


Central Christian Church, a congregation headquartered in the heart of the Las Vegas valley, is a thriving ministry that has grown from 4,000 local members to 20,000 members and eight campuses worldwide. Senior Pastor Jud Wilhite and his ministry team came together to reinvent how visitors and members experience Central. The team wanted to transform their original Vegas campus from a stale, hospital-style facility into a dynamic ministry headquarters. In addition, they hoped to revamp their online presence to align it with the updates to their physical location. 

PlainJoe: A Storyland Studio first began working with Central Christian Church in 2001, in the earliest days of our studio. We began our initial journey with the church by partnering with former Senior Pastor Gene Appel. Over the years, we’ve helped to lead on the church’s branding and digital strategies, so partnering with Pastor Jud Wilhite was a natural extension of the initial touchpoint.


The PlainJoe team came alongside the Central leadership team to turn their main building into a veritable oasis running through its 55-acre desert property. What we dreamed up was an idea based on the Biblical encounter between the Samaritan woman and Jesus at Jacob’s Well. Our design elements were inspired by the desert climate, and we worked to recast the sanctuary and supporting building to evoke Anasazi cliffside villages. Altogether, the building mass forms a slot canyon that shades and shelters members from the elements. In addition, we gave the building’s lobby and cafeteria a makeover to emulate the style of a signature Vegas ultra-lounge–further cementing the idea of fostering connections to God and each other. 


Our team helped bring Las Vegas’ stories of God’s grace to life in every facet of Central Christian Church’s brand experience, both online and in person. We worked side-by-side with Central for 15 years, aligning their overall brand as well as managing all their digital, web, and online work. 

“Though I am a conservative Christian, I will do anything that does not violate the Bible to help people experience God’s grace. I knew there would be plenty of desperate, hurting people in the Vegas area. And desperate measures would be needed to show them there is hope for everyone, no matter how broken he or she might be.” – Jud Wilhite, Senior Pastor, Central Christian Church: Las Vegas