In San Diego, California, Dr. David Jeremiah of Turning Point Ministries envisioned an immersive kids’ ministry for Shadow Mountain Community Church. The goal was to develop a ministry that not only entertained but also deeply engaged young congregants in the gospel through a creative and compelling theme. Partnering with PlainJoe, a Storyland Studio, the project aimed to align with Turning Point’s Airship Genesis intellectual property while establishing a distinct and captivating experience.


During the brainstorming and BlueSky session, the concept of the Academy of Intergalactic Missions (AIM) was conceived. This idea married the space exploration aesthetic of Airship Genesis with the foundational Christian principles of discipleship and evangelism. The design team then set out to transform the church’s spaces into a thematic environment that would both fascinate and educate.

Key areas of the church were reimagined to fit this intergalactic theme:

  • The Basement: Converted into ‘the bay’, a place where ships undergo repairs, adding a layer of realism to the space adventure.
  • The Lobby (Mission Control): This area became the heart of the operation, where kids experience the thrill of a space launch, complete with countdowns, rumbling sounds, and the illumination of spacecraft.
  • The Playground: Transformed into a training facility where kids physically prepare for their space missions, emphasizing the importance of physical and spiritual readiness.
  • The Exterior: A fabricated rock mountainside outside the church, inspired by Shadow Mountain’s name, houses Mission Control within the narrative, enhancing the thematic depth and engagement.


The transformation of Shadow Mountain Community Church’s kids’ ministry into an intergalactic-themed environment has significantly elevated the engagement level among young churchgoers. By situating educational and spiritual lessons within a narrative of space exploration and mission, the church has created a dynamic way to teach children about faith, teamwork, and the importance of sharing the gospel.

This innovative approach not only draws children into weekly activities but also provides them with a vivid imagination space where learning about Jesus Christ and His teachings becomes an exciting adventure. The integration of thematic elements has turned regular church visits into a series of missions that children eagerly anticipate each week, fostering a deep connection with the church and enhancing their understanding of their faith.

The success of this project stands as a testament to the power of creative storytelling in ministry, demonstrating how effectively themed environments can support spiritual education and growth in young people.