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Working with Mel, Peter and PlainJoe over the past 4 years has been a phenomenal experience for us. It’s helped us really think through and crystallise our vision and how we are going forward as a church.


When we began to look at how we could develop a blank, 4 acre piece of land right in the heart of the community, we knew we wanted to develop something that was much more than a ‘worship centre.’ We knew we wanted to develop something that could become a hub for the community, a space that would connect across generations, cultures, and socioeconomic divides. We knew we wanted to develop facilities that would be used not just one day a week, but seven. We knew that we wanted to create a space that would serve our entire community and be a blessing to the wider community. The challenge of figuring out how to actually best do this though, was not an easy one. When we connected with Mel/Visioneering/Plain Joe, it really unlocked for us how to actually make that idea a reality. They helped us take our vision and our story and begin to express it through a physical space. They were able to develop a vision for the block of land that could make it a true gathering place right in the middle of our community.

"Our vision for the community is to see it transformed, to see it become more vibrant and connected then ever before."Dean Groetzinger | Senior Pastor

We’re located in suburban Perth, and with that can come all the isolation that suburbia breeds. We want this space to be part of bringing people together from across social, economic, generational, cultural dividing lines. We want to build the capacity of our community, building into families, relationships, children. Through the early learning centre we want to create the best possible environment for children to begin life and experience the joy and discovery of learning and setting them on a good course from their early years. Our hope is for people to see that the church is a group of people who are contributing to the flourishing of the whole community. The area where our church is located has historically been seen by some as a bit of a rough area, but our hope is to lift the community through capacity building, through helping people connect with one another, through arts, culture, recreation or over a great cup of coffee. And as people experience all of this, we feel like they’ll start to experience what it means to know God and His Kingdom.


The process of working with Mel/Visioneering/PJ was just phenomenal because they not only were able to translate our vision into physical spaces and physical reality, they were also able to help us refine and clarify what we were really hoping to do. They’ve helped us think in new categories and find creative ways to tell our story.

Written by Dean Groetzinger, Senior Pastor.

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