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Cherry Hills Community Church

Bursting at the Seams

Cherry Hills Community Church is a church with a legacy. Under their founding pastor, the church enjoyed thirty years of growth and impact in the Denver suburbs. They want to be known as a church “bursting at the seams in all directions…” UP in worship, DOWN in discipleship, and OUT in mission.


However, as with any established entity, their longevity spawned certain misconceptions in the community that they desired to correct. They recognized a community perception of exclusivity was inconsisent with the “OUT” in their mission. So Cherry Hills engaged PlainJoe to build a new website to eliminate confusion and emphasize community.


“Cherry Hills Community Church strives to be an intergenerational church where the 20 something and 70 something can worship side by side.”

Eliminate Confusion

Through PlainJoe’s intensive discovery process, we helped Cherry Hills surface the issues that confuse people about the church’s personality – not just on the website, but with their brand in general. They discovered that their site lacked an easily recognizable path for new visitors. Juggling an excess of events and ministry brands, the site’s focus needed clarification.


PlainJoe helped them identify their primary web audience – First-Time Visitors – and their secondary audience – Current Members. We developed user journeys for both audiences that took into account their needs and thought processes, so that they would be able to instantly find themselves welcomed into the Cherry Hills story.

Emphasize Community

PlainJoe worked to build upon Cherry Hills’ mission by creating a beautiful website that showcases the truly welcoming nature of the church. Visitors need to see the reality of the church’s identity and the uniqueness of the weekend experience.


We used images that emphasize the people of the congregation. This reveals to the user a smiling, loving, approachable community engaged in various aspects of the church within the context of the weekend experience. PlainJoe offered recommendations for photo shoots to spotlight the church’s three pillars: love expressed, love extended, and love experienced.