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The most amazing thing for me is that every single person who sees a movie brings a whole set of unique experiences, but through careful manipulation and good storytelling, you can get everybody to clap at the same time, to hopefully laugh at the same time, and to be afraid at the same time.

Steven Spielberg
I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.

Walt Disney Company


A counter-cultural discipleship course discovers their brand's overarching story.

Ministry Growth & Evolution

Pete Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Discipleship (EHD) is a countercultural discipleship course that launches people into transformative relationships with God and others. So as the organization grew and evolved over time, they wanted to create a fresh website that would reflect those updates and communicate their brand personality well.

PlainJoe first helped the team from Emotionally Healthy Discipleship discover the overarching story their brand tells when people encounter them at a conference, online, or in a bookstore.

They found that their brand personality, the identity their audience responds to, could be expressed in 5 simple words; Bold, Transparent, Practical, Passionate, and Humble. These words gave guidance to the way they represented themselves on their new website.

“Bold, Transparent, Practical, Passionate, and Humble”

We helped them see that the 5 or 6 products they offered on their website with equal measure, were causing too much noise for guests, confusing them and stunting their ability to find what they need.

They were then able to refine their product offerings into one program with two distinct parts that could become the focus of their brand and guide guests simply and clearly through the website; Emotionally Healthy Relationships, and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.

Getting to the Core Message

PlainJoe worked with EHD to highlight the core message of the organization by distilling Pete’s broad knowledge and insight so that more people could engage quickly with the material.

To help EHD provide more life-changing content on a regular basis, we helped them identify the ideal channels for reader engagement, build their email distribution list, and capture emails more effectively.

At PlainJoe, we are big fans of Pete Scazzero and Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, and humbled to serve them by bringing their story more clearly to those who need their valuable resources.