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Artists should always think of themselves as cosmic instruments for storytelling.

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About Shawn Stewart

Shawn is the Director of Strategy at PlainJoe Studios. Previously, he was national brand strategy and brand management lead at Kaiser Permanente, a multibillion-dollar health care provider and not-for-profit health plan serving 10 million members nationwide. Shawn has served as a youth pastor and associate pastor within the local church, and a strategic consultant with hundreds of senior and executive pastors in both small and mega church contexts. His education and background is in visual communications and he is a recent graduate of the AIGA Executive Management Program for Creative Leaders at Yale University.

4 Ways to Avoid Being Brand Identical

When it’s time to design your new student center, update the website, or refresh the brand identity, it might be tempting to look at one of those “hip” churches and think, “We want our new (thing) to look like (that) […]

7 Steps to Successfully Launch a Church Rebrand

A church rebrand is something most pastors will only do 1 or 2 times in the course of their ministry. It can be a challenging, emotional, and even expensive thing to do. It can also be rewarding, energizing and even […]